Former Residence of Henmi Kanbei

This property is a prime example of the type of machiya townhouses that were favored by wealthy residents of Kumagawa-juku post town in the Edo period (1603–1867). It was the home of Henmi Kanbei (1842–1909), the first mayor of Kumagawa. According to historic building plans, the main house was originally constructed in 1858. The property contained a small sake brewery, a garden, and a storehouse located in the rear that was used for a large book collection.

In 1994, the residence was donated to the town of Wakasa by a family descendant. It was designated a Tangible Cultural Property by the town administration in 1995 and underwent extensive repair work that took three years. The restored residence became an example of how old-style buildings in Kumagawa-juku could be upgraded to meet the needs of modern life while preserving the traditional appearance for future generations.

At present, the facility includes lodgings, a café, and a souvenir shop. Visitors can explore the traditional home for a small fee during the café’s business hours (weekends and holidays, spring through autumn).